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Antica Barberia Shave Set Black Metal Fusion & Super Badger

Antica Barberia Shave Set Black Metal Fusion & Super Badger

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Experience traditional wet shaving at its best with high quality mens shaving set Antica Barberia. Inspired by the old Italian barbershop of the 1800s, it recreates fine men's shaving and offers the best shaving tools for the modern man. Premium grade Super Badger brush nestles handsomely on the elegant metal stand joined by the highest quality shaving razor accepting original Gillette Fusion blades. Both are made with solid aluminium handles and feel pleasantly balanced in the man's palm. This is a truly masculine shaving set that makes a fantastic gift for any occasion and will give a satisfying close shave. Made in Florence, Italy.



Stately in the weighty black metal, Antica Barberia shaving set is constructed with the best shaving gear and will no doubt elevate the caliber of your morning shave.

The stylish chrome-plated stand is firmly grounded, providing ample support for your shaving brush and razor, displaying them with pride. Set in luxurious metal handles, the brush hangs gracefully to allow full aeration of the bristles while the shaver is protected on the special holder.

Metal handles with matte black finish give pleasant heft and are heavier than conventional plastic handles. These shaving tools feel just right and masculine, and you immediately feel that you are holding a unique, precision built tool to give you maximum control when shaving.

Add it to your shaving collection and enjoy the traditional wet shaving experience as old European barbers knew it.

The set includes:

1)  Super Badger Shaving Brush. Filled with handtied Super Badger bristles this high performing brush is soft against the skin and ideal for men with sensitive skin. Knot: 20mm. Loft 55mm. Weight: 110g/3.8oz.

2)  Shaving Razor Handle featuring alluring lines and impeccable design, and is specifically built for use with Gillette Fusion cartridges. The set is shave ready and includes 1 cartridge. Weight: 68g / 2.4oz. Total length: 15cm / 6”.

3)  Metal Stand with a weighty base to prevent tipping. Height: 11 cm (4.3”). Weight 80g (2.8”).

Made in Florence, Italy by Mondial Shaving 1908 – Luxury Mens Shaving & Grooming Gear made for a man of high class who appreciates undoubtedly best quality shaving tools in his grooming kit.

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