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Niegeloh Solingen Nail Scissors Topinox Made In Germany

Niegeloh Solingen Nail Scissors Topinox Made In Germany

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Enjoy smooth and precise nail trimming with high quality Niegeloh nail scissors made in Germany of the best possible stainless steel Topinox. Topinox is a very strong grade steel which keeps the sharpness of the cutting edge for a very long time without sharpening. Slightly curved blades are manually sharpened to perfection and individually tested for immaculate cutting.

Invest in Topinox nail scissors and enjoy the best manicure scissors in the world. No worries about bunt blades or frequent replacing! If you love your fingers, choose the highest quality nail scissors bhy Niegeloh Solingen which is appreciated by professional manicurists worldwide.

These Topinox scissors are hand crafted in Solingen, Germany – the land of the world's best cutlery and will give you many years of outstanding service.



Niegeloh Solingen nail scissors Topinox is a sought-after manicure tool made by hand in the heart of Germany – the city of Solingen.

Solingen has been world-renowned for the best knives, daggers and blades since the 14th century. And authentic “Made in Solingen” quality of these Solingen nail scissors is a symbol of excellent performance and durability.

Topinox is patented stainless steel and Niegeloh's best in professional quality. It keeps sharpness of the cutting edge for a very long time without the need of resharpening thanks to special tempering process

The blades of Topinox scissors go through 18 precision grinding steps and cut nails evenly and easily without tearing. Manually adjusted screw plated with 24 carat gold and noble matt finish highlight premium quality of these scissors. For added value, Topinox is anti allergic and nickel free – perfect companion for sensitive skin and nails.

Each pair of Niegeloh scissors has been manually tested for sharpness and precision before leaving the workshop. So rest assured these Solingen scissors will please you with immaculate results for many years to come.

  • Material: Topinox Stainless Steel, rust proof
  • Finish: Matte
  • Joint: Screw-Joint. 24ct gold plated
  • Shape: Curved
  • Size: 9cm

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