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Niegeloh Solingen 8 cm Nail Clipper Topinox

Niegeloh Solingen 8 cm Nail Clipper Topinox

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Tired of blunt nail clippers that chew your nails instead of cutting it?

Experience Niegeloh Topinox nail clippers the most innovative and awarded nail clipper made in Solingen Germany.

German engineers from Niegeloh reinvented the nail clipper with a praiseworthy design, manufacturing process and attention to detail to make what many consider the best nail clippers in the world.

Topinox Clipper Large has 8cm (3.15 inch) length and widened cutting edge that allow the clipper to work perfectly on fingernails and toenails.

Ergonomic design with large jaws and handles that provide extra leverage to help this clipper to trim easily even thick nails.

Top notch quality and performance of these clippers make it a gift of distinction for those who like to trim their nails with sharp and durable clippers.

Manufactured by Niegeloh Solingen - Luxury Manicure Tools Since 1936



Topinox Solingen nail clippers by Niegeloh have been featured on Discovery Channel for the most innovative approach in clippers making.

Authentic “Made in Solingen” quality, patented stainless steel Topinox, meticulous sharpening of the blades – care is take of every detail to award you with the best possible nail care experience.

German engineers from Niegeloh have reinveted the nail clippers and built what many consider the best nail clippers in the world.

Super craftmansip, innovative manufactiring process and selection of the best materials create this masterpiece. Even the rivet is specially sourced from Switzerland and inserted completely through the steel of both jaw blades to irrevocably join them in the proper forma. Micro precision similar to those used by the leading Swiss watchmakers.

Ergonomic design, maximum precision and aligment of the blades, makes the clipper perfectly stable in the hand and ensures maximum grip for a high precision trim.

Topinox is specially tempered stainless steel and Niegeloh's best creation in professional quality. During warm forging, the steel becomes extremely strong and this helps the cutting edge stay sharp for many years ahead.

  • Contoured blades are fully tempered and individually sharpened to perfection, allowing a strong and easy trim. 
  • Solid stainless steel gives it a hefty weight, while wide mouth trims your nails with absolute minimum number of clips. 
  • Ideal for trimming toenails and large fingernails
  • Swiss rivet and pin construction method ensures your clippers will keep cutting like new for years
  • Smooth curve of the lever provides additional strength for clipping

Material: Topinox Stainless Steel
Finish: Satin Finish
Joint: Swiss rivet 
Shape: Ergonomic design, Curved Body
Size: 8cm

Made in Solingen Germany by Niegeloh - Luxury Manicure Tools Since 1936

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