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Mondial Exclusive Sphere Shaving Set Wenge Wood

Mondial Exclusive Sphere Shaving Set Wenge Wood

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Mondial Exclusive Sphere Shaving Set Wenge Wood is for the man who wants the most exclusive shaving set in the world.

This Mondial 1908 luxury razor set design showcase the best of Italian design. Crafted from one solid piece of exquisite wenge wood this set comes with everything to take men's shaving to the next level.

Amazing from every angle this luxury set includes:

1. Shaving Brush with Wenge Wood Handle - The shaving brush is made of premium Silvertip Badger which is the pinnacle of bristles. The natural bristles of this brush ultra soft and made from the finest quality which guarantees you a great shaving experience every time.

Lather your favorite shaving cream or shaving soap with the brush - and get a delicious whipped like shaving cream.

2. Shaving Razor with Wenge Wood Handle - Luxury wooden handle with razors that are compatible with razor blades that are Gillette Mach3 compatible (easy to replace).

3. Shaving Stand From ONE Solid piece of Wenge Wood - An Italian masterpiece for the lovers of beautiful things, this luxury shaving stand make a stunning trio with the shaving brush and razor.

Beautifully crafted in Italy by hand to ensures t you can enjoy your shaving for years to come.

Exclusive Sphere shaving set makes a statement in any bathroom! A Luxury shaving set for a man of elegance.

Mondial 1908 set the bar to a whole new level, and this set is the gift for a man of elegance.

Made in Italy.



Created for the most sophisticated traditional shaver, Sphere shaving set is Mondial's masterpiece that goes beyond top quality.

Designed in the Bagnoli studio in Italy, this luxury shaving set features a unique style and materials that deserves the highest praise and approval of the discerning man.

Mondial Sphere wooden shaving set is crafted by hand from rare African Wenge wood and feels heavy and solid all the way round. Wenge wood is characterised by an elegant dark brown natural tone with fine, almost black veins that give it a precious and bold look.

This beautiful mens shaving set is made in the heart of Italy – magnificent city of Florence following the same wood carving techniques as those used by Florentine artisans in the past centuries. It's a heritage and representation of the finest Italian craftsmanship that evokes admiration and makes an elegant accessory for any bathroom.

Sphere set includes a razor with solid wooden handle and Gillette Mach 3 compatible blades. Silvertip Badger shaving brush –  made with Wenge wood handles and metal details. The stunning shaving brush is made of ultra premium silvertip badger bristles and feel pleasantly soft on the skin, enabling the best shaving results. The wooden razor handle fits a Gillette Mach3 razor blades that can be easily replaced when needed.

The solid wooden shaving stand in Sphera format is a masterpiece reflecting the true meaning of the art of shaving.

If you are looking for the most luxurious shaving set or hunting for gift ideas for a man, Mondial Sphere shaving set is sure to please any traditional shaver and will make a gift he will want to keep for life.

About Mondial Shaving 1908:
Founded over a century ago in the magnificent city of Florence, Mondial embraced its concept of beauty and Italian passion to produce extraordinary collections of shaving accessories with a unique and timeless charm. Inspired by the refined art of Florentine artisans, Mondial's pursuit of excellent quality creates the brand that is renowned and loved worldwide.

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