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Mondial 1908 Shaving Set DE Razor & Best Badger Brush Baylis

Mondial 1908 Shaving Set DE Razor & Best Badger Brush Baylis

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High quality 3 piece mens shaving set from art born Florence (Italy) makes the best gift for a traditional wet shaver. Crafted by the world's luxurious men's shaving brand Mondial 1908, it re-creates classic shaving in its finest.

Natural Best Badger shaving brush beautifully nestles on the solid metal stand to allow excellent aeration of the bristles for long service. Double edge safety razor firmly sits on a fitted base and accepts standard double edge blades. Warm ivory look handles add warm tones and make a timeless gift for the gent of high style.

The stand itself is constructed from solid metal and prevents tipping thanks to heftier and taller than usual structure.

Made in Italy.



Mondial 1908 three-piece shaving set elevates your daily routine and makes a classy gift for a man on any occasion. Solidly constructed shaving stand with rust-resistant polished chrome finish holds your two shaving fundamentals: Best Badger Shaving Brush and DE Safety Shaving Razor.

Known for its firmer feel and ability to make creamy lather, natural Best Badger brush effectively lifts whiskers and prepares the skin for a close shave. Classic DE safety razor, compatible with any standard DE razor blade, beautifully completes the shave. Creamy imitation ivory handles add an elegant touch and make this mens shaving set look a masterpiece on any bathroom bench. The razor comes shave ready with a pack of 5 blades included in the set. You are also welcome to choose the blade to suit your beard from our blade sampler pack.

  • Mondial 1908 Best Badger Shaving Brush Baylis. Knot: 20mm. Bristle loft: 50mm. Handle height: 50mm. Overall height: 100mm.
  • Mondial 1908 Shaving Razor Baylis: Weight: 55g/1.9oz. Overall length: 12cm/4.7”.
  • Mondial 1908 Metal Stand: Height: 11cm/4.3”. Weight: 80g/2.8”.

Made in Italy by Mondial Shaving 1908 – Luxury Mens Shaving & Grooming made for a man of high class who appreciates undoubtedly best quality shaving gear in his grooming kit.

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