Xmas Gifts For Men

Christmas is around the corner and if your shopping list involves high quality Christmas gifts, then this article is for you. 

Today we'll talk about a very important aspect of mens grooming – mens fingers & toes. And we'll discuss what you need to look for in the best manicure and pedicure set for men. So get ready for a few useful tips that will help you pick the best Christmas gift for your husband, son, grandson or friend.

No secret that mens' nail care often requires strong, reliable nail cutters capable of trimming thick and tough mens nails easily. Nail clippers, nail nippers, nail scissors – whichever tool you choose, it needs to be up for the job. And it needs to last.
Let's talk about what makes the best manicure and pedicure tool that will delight and keep your nails in tip top shape.


Quality of nail cutters is described as a function of sharpness, precision and durability. Steel quality, high Rockwell number responsible for steel hardness, number of grinding steps and manual craftsmanship define a high quality nail instrument. The harder the steel, the longer the cutting edge retains its sharpness.

To keep things simple, the best nail instruments are made of hot-forged steel which is a ultra strong, or hard grade of steel.

Manicure and pedicure tools made of hot forged steel are the most durable because they stay sharp for decades, or even a lifetime, without any need of sharpening. 

So if you want the manicure set delight with exceptional sharpness and precision for many years ahead, choose high quality manicure and pedicure sets made of hot forged steel. They go through multiple-step precision grinding process and hand sharpened, to ensure long and trouble-free service. 

Traditionally, the best manicure & pedicure sets have been made in Solingen (Germany). It is a small city in Western Germany with abundant forestry, river sand and water resources which attracted Europe's blacksmiths since the 14th century.


Mens hands are generally larger and require comfortable tools that give maximum control when cutting fingernails and toenails. There is little pleasure in holding a nail cutter if its handles are too short, poorly designed and hurt the palm. 

Choose large nail clippers, nail nippers and nail cutters that are ergonomically designed to suit mens hands. Not only they are comfortable to hold, they also give the best precision when manoeuvring around the fingers or toes, making nail care a pleasant chore.

Quality Nail Clippers For Thick Toenails Solingen Toenail Clippers For Ingrown Nails Solingen Nail Clippers Made in Germany

Stainless vs Non-Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has an obvious benefit: it stains less. It is particularly important if you live or travel in a humid climate. If you tend to leave your tools on the bathroom bench, or if you are in certain areas with humidity above average, then the safest choice for you is a manicure set made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel manicure & pedicure tools are also a go-go if you have fungal nails, because they can be easily and frequently disinfected without any risk of corrosion.

Having said that, if you are diligent in wiping your tools after use and keeping them away from moist, you'll enjoy non-stainless tools for many years without any issue. For example, high quality Solingen nail clippers made of nickel-plated steel.

Manicure & Pedicure Sets For Men

ZOHL Germany stainless steel manicure set for men High quality German manicure sets for men ZOHL Germany Pedicure Set For Thick Toenails

There are manicure sets for men with nail instruments for fingernails only, and there are complete manicure sets to take care of your fingernails and toenails at the same time. If you are looking for a stunning Xmas gift, Father's Day Gift or Birthday present, the safest option is to choose a complete manicure set comprised of manicure & pedicure instruments.

This way, he will have a good choice of instruments to use, and all his nail care needs will be covered with one convenient set.

If you are looking for a gift for a man who is a frequent traveller, then compact and lightweight manicure sets would be a great choice, always welcome in his luggage bag.


Well known brands of manicure and pedicure sets present their instruments in genuine leather cases. From simple and practical, to something more sophisticated – a leather case is the indicator of high quality instruments that are made for a long lasting service. 

Check our collection of high quality German manicure and pedicure sets for men in classic leather cases. And if you have any questions, email us sales@executivegrooming.com.au

Choosing the best Christmas gift for him is a very important task, and we would be delighted to make suggestions so you delight your loved one with a special gift.

Stay groomed,
ExecutiveGrooming.com.au team

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