Luxury Shaving Bags For Men

Let’s talk straight. The best shaving bags are those you can trust will keep your shaving gear well in place and protect your luggage from spills when on travels. While many aspiring men’s brands offer synthetic shaving bags, the truth remains: for centuries, high quality shaving bags have been made of real leather. Breathability, durability and luxury look associated with leather are all important attributes of accessories for men of good taste. 

Today, we talk about what makes the best leather shaving bag. What to look for in the myriads of men’s toiletry bags? Let’s get down to business.


Leather shaving bags for men offer top notch quality and long lasting accessory that should outlast their travels with proper care. Even with ever-changing technologies and emerging new materials, traditional leather bags never go out of fashion and remain a handsome accessory for every man. It’s a timeless luxury and no wonder leather goods for men remain the mainstream among the most sought-after gifts. 

However, every leather grade has its own characteristics. 

Many of us firmly believe that genuine leather is the label of the highest quality. While leather goods indeed offer superior durability, in fact Genuine Leather is considered the third grade of quality, preceded by Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather.

The first two grades come from the upper layers of the cow skin and feature distinctive graining pattern. These grades of leather boast maximum durability and is usually more robust than lower layers. These leathers are usually used for saddle seats, handbags and robust leather products where sturdiness is required.

Genuine leather grade is obtained after cutting the top layers and flesh. It is slightly thinner and easier to work with. Genuine leather toiletry bags are very popular for their ability to keep the shape and softness associated with high quality leather goods.


The bag should be smart as well as beautiful. Smart design means that you are able to store your grooming gear without taking much space in your luggage bag or bathroom drawer.

Well thought compartments, a variety of zippered and sleeve pockets will ensure you fit everything you need and organise your items for a quick reach while avoiding unnecessary damage or scratching of the contents inside. 

 Spill-Proof Lining

Leather shaving bags for men are made to carry your shaving essentials, yet the last thing you want is to have the cream or lotion spilled inside your luggage bag. To avoid this, washable lining is the solution.

Shaving bags with synthetic lining (often matching the leather on the outside) are easy to wipe when needed and keep the residues of the spill inside the bag. So if you care about protecting your luggage from unpleasant spills of your toiletries, always look for shaving bags with synthetic lining on the inside. 

Made in Germany

“Made in Germany” is the label of trusted quality that will give you long lasting service. No wonder Germany has been the world's hub of the high tech, durable and reliable solutions in many industries. Hans Kniebes and ZOHL leather shaving bags are hand crafted in Germany from the finest of leathers and will secure your shaving gear no matter where life journey brings you next. Straight lines, high quality, carefully selected leather combined with spacious design, German mens toiletry bags are sure to delight and make a perfect gift for a man on any occasion. 


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Stay groomed, team 

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