Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Remember those days when you and your Dad had good fun playing a footy game, or he read you a book before the night lights were off? Time passes, but those memories live in our hearts and every Father’s Day we celebrate them with special affection and gratitude.

Re-creating childhood memories, sending a card or finding the best gift for your dad – everyone of us has our own approach of showing appreciation of our fathers. And if shopping for a special gift this Father’s day is on your agenda, then we would like to make it easier and with an undoubtedly impressive effect.

What gift to give to your dad? The answer that never fails – good quality. Quality is like a good family tradition – it passes from father to child, and makes a foundation for well groomed appearance with minimum effort.

Traditional grooming brands like Mondial Shaving 1908 (Italy), Niegeloh Solingen (Germany)and Hans Kniebes (Germany) are definitely ones to trust. They are distinguished by the finest craftsmanship based on decades long family traditions which are carefully kept and passed through generations. That’s why these gifts never disappoint.

No matter how simple or adventurous, practical or sophisticated your Dad is, he is sure to appreciate fantastic mens gifts that will make a big difference in his self care.

So here is our top mens gifts ideas for this Father’s Day:

#1 - Mondial Shaving 1908 Gift Sets

Inspired by the old Italian barbershop of the 1800s, Mondial recreates traditional wet shaving at its best, following the classics of old barbers to ensure a perfect shave. Made in Florence by hand until today, each Mondial gift set is a work of art where the absolute top quality makes your Dad’s morning routine a moment of pleasure.

Best Mens Shaving Gift Sets Best Mens Shaving Gift Sets Best Mens Shaving Gift Sets Best Mens Shaving Gift Sets
Vespucci 3 Pcs Vespucci 4 Pcs Homme N908 Baylis

#2 - Leather Manicure & Pedicure Sets

With age, our nails become stronger, thicker and harder to maintain. Give your Dad a classic German manicure set with strong nail instruments so his hands and toes feel and look their best. Authentic German craftsmanship, finest steel and perfectly sharpened blades guarantee many years of excellent service without the need of sharpening. Every manicure set is beautifully presented in a genuine leather case to highlight long lasting ‘Made in Germany’ quality.

German Leather Manicure Sets For Men German Leather Manicure Sets For Men German Leather Manicure Sets For Men
Imantado XL Imantado L Zohl

#3 - Leather Toiletry Bags

If your dad loves to travel or is often on the go, gift him a high quality German leather toiletry bag. Distinctive in every way, it makes a great gift to keep his toiletries organised and protect his luggage with leather-look lining. Clean lines, smart designs and carefully selected leather make every one of these wash bags a treasure for a busy Dad.

Mens Leather Toiletry Bags Mens Leather Toiletry Bags Mens Leather Toiletry Bags
Hans Kniebes, Buffalo Leather Sonnenschein, Cowhide Leather Sonnenschein, Cowhide Leather

Remember to bring a smile and Thank you together with your gift, to make this Father's Day all very special.

If you need any assistance, get in touch with us and we would be happy to help.

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