Top Mens Fragrances Colognes and EDT

The world of Italian colognes for men is abundant with well known brands of mens fragrances. They are spoken in the media and familiar to anyone who likes to invest in charming European scents. However, there is one brand that does not fit the mass market of mens grooming. It is Mondial 1908 - traditional Italian cologne made to sophisticate the man without screaming big names.

For over a century, since the little artisan workshop was set in Florence, four family generations have been passionately creating shaving masterpieces in authentic barber traditions with undoubted commitment to top quality. Mondial 1908 collection of fragrances evolved from highly popular luxury mens shaving brushes and razors, which had been commissioned by Mondial 1908 for the world's most prestigious shaving brands. Addition of Mondial luxury mens perfumes has gone through the same meticulous research, refinement and collaboration with the most renowned Italian perfumerists, to delight men with classic scents.

Mondial 1908 collection of mens fragrances is a celebration of masculinity, timelessness, style and handsomeness. It is designed for the man of great taste who likes subtle yet beautifully orchestrated scents that highlight his individuality. The man who appreciates artisanal craftsmanship and enjoys the best things in life. The man who wants to find his unique scent that blends with his lifestyle. To help him have the right fragrance for every mood or occasion, Mondial 1908 has developed 5 mens fragrances inspired by elegance, wisdom and enchantment.

Antica Barberia Cologne

Top Mens Fragrances Colognes and EDT

Fresh, vibrant and above all a high class Italian perfume for men. The intriguing and sparkling fragrance ”Original Citrus” mixed with deep woody notes adds its distinctive and resolute feature. It opens with handsomely masculine Lemon & Bergamot that blend beautifully with Sandalwood, Cedar and Vetiver creating a real masterpiece among the best mens colognes the world has seen.

N.908 Homme Eau de Toilette

Luxury Italian Brand of Mens Perfumes

Timeless, classic and refined perfume with a resolute character and great charm. Its long-lasting fragrance opens with fresh citrus head notes and is grounded with a masculine base of precious woods and musk. Elegant and lingering eau de toilette ideally suits men who value the best things in life.

Axolute Homme Eau de Toilette

Best Italian Colognes and EDT for Men

Fresh and spicy mens perfume with a classy Mediterranean character that's suited to year-round wear. Unique combination of fresh citrus and bergamot notes intoxicates with a lingering mix of spices and precious woods, such as vetiver and cedar. Perfect fragrance for a man who appreciates a unique Italian perfume that is masculine, unique and seductive.

Nobilis Cologne Suprema

Mens Colognes and Fragrances Made in Italy

Signature mens fragrance from Mondial 1908 collection of the world's most luxurious scents. Freshness of citruses harmonises wisely with precious woods, and a spicy note of black pepper enhances its perpetual nobility. Formulated with well-balanced aromatic combination, Nobilis cologne lingers long after it leaves the bottle and adds a warm and refreshing note to boost your appearance during the day.

Florence Cologne Suprema

Mens Perfume Colognes and EDT

Italian heritage brand Mondial embodies the timeless charm of the ever-beautiful city of Florence in this iconic mens fragrance. Just like Florence is a mastership of the human craftsmanship, so is the Florence Cologne with its luxury formulation of fresh and spiced scent grounded in splendid amber tones.

With undoubtedly supreme masculine character, Florence cologne opens with a burst of Citrus and Bergamot revealing pleasant heart notes of Cedar, Ginger and Allspices. Cypress and Sandalwood add to the mix and create a long lasting vibrant fragrance with a romantic grace.

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