High Quality Mens Manicue & Pedicure Sets

Let’s talk straight guys – we often reach for the easiest solution, whether it’s our partner’s nail clippers or the scissors that are made for trimming anything else but strong mens nails. Result – overgrown, even unsightly toes and fingers that certainly don’t represent who we are.

The truth is we are so much used to poorly made nail clippers and cutters that we put up with whatever is there in the drawer or on the shop shelf. The good thing is – your nails deserve the best nail care with high quality nail tools. And these tools do exist!

In this article we talk about how to choose sharp nail cutters for men that work on tough and thick nails. And last without re-sharpening for many years.

So what makes the best nail instruments for mens manicure and pedicure?

As with anything, Quality determines how well and for how long your tool will work. Quality of the steel, forging process, quality of the mould – all play a big (and we mean it) role in how good the tool will turn out.

In simple words, the best tools (such as nail clippers for men, nail scissors or toenail cutters) are made of hot forged steel. Heat treatment under extreme temperatures changes steel molecular structure. This advanced way of tempering makes steel ultra strong, so it retains the cutting edge for decades without any maintenance. So if you want the clipper to easily trim strong mens nails, invest in a high quality piece made of hot forged steel.

Need to trim very thick toenails? Buy professional podiatry clippers.

Men generally have thicker and tougher nails, and there are specialised heavy duty pedicure tools that are specially designed to trim very thick nails. For example, ZOHL Nail Nipper for Very Thick Toenails has opening of approximately 1cm and is a typical podiatry tool you’d find in a podiatrist’s room. No matter how thick your nails are, it works brilliantly and trims nails smoothly thanks to reinforced design and strong double spring.

It takes 2 to tango: Sharpness and Durability. Do they co-exist?

Yes, if you are prepared to invest in the best quality nail instruments. Traditionally, German manicure tools have been highly regarded by nail experts for their enduring sharpness and great precision. German metal engineering takes care of every detail in the manicure implement, with sharpness of the blade manually tested. So if you want sharp blades that stay sharp for a very long time, then look for premium German manicure brands, like ZOHL. Its SHARPtec® nail instruments are crafted by hand from surgical stainless steel and boast long lasting sharpness of the blades. It means that your nail clipper or scissors will give you a lifetime service and delight with a clean cut, time after time.

Do not hide your toes – buy high quality nail grooming sets for men that can be used on fingernail and toenails.

The smart way to buy a good manicure set is to look for nail instruments that can give excellent service for mens manicure and pedicure at the same time. Since mens nails are generally large, most tools (if they are truly high quality nail tools) will work perfectly on your hands and feet. A good pair of nail clippers, like German nail clippers SHARPtec by ZOHL, work great for trimming fingernails and toenails.

If you are a clipper type person, look for the sets that include these. If your preference is traditional nail scissors, then look for manicure sets with 1 or 2 pairs of nail scissors. Either way, it is worth to do your research or ask yourself which instruments you are likely to use for your nail care. At the end of the day, what you want is to have the tools you regularly used rather than them sitting in the set untouched.

Choose stainless steel manicure sets if you tend to have fungal nails, or if you share your nail tools with someone else.

Professional manicure and pedicure instruments are typically made of rust proof stainless steel. Stainless means it “stains less”. It is resistant to most common disinfectants and professional autoclaving, hence maintaining your tools in between use is easy and helps stop fungi or bacteria spread. Check stainless steel manicure and pedicure sets for men in the ZOHL collection of luxury German nail sets.

These sets have the highest quality German nail instruments in one convenient set so your nail care is easy and hassle-free. And the great thing they last because they are made of super strong hot forged steel that keeps the blades sharp for decades without any need of sharpening.


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