Best Shavers For Beginners

If you are ready to make transition from disposable razors and step into classic wet shaving, the number one thing to start with is finding the best razor. Your personal collection may or may not have popular mens shaving gear, however it needs to have a good quality razor that will suit your beard and shaving style.

So where do you start? Right, understanding the choice and narrowing it down. In this guide, we have re-created the journey many beginners in traditional shaving make when selecting the best shaving razor.

Single-Blade or Multi-Blade Razors?

Trending multi-blade razors are often preferred by men who like the idea of a quick and comfortable shave. When passing the multi-blade razor over the beard, you have a few blades gliding over your skin at the same time. The first of them raises the hairs, while others cut through the hairs. These razors are efficient and more forgiving thanks to the slant position of the blades designed to trim hairs at a convenient angle.

In contrast, single blade razors (also called double edge razors or DE razors) have one double edge blade that moves across the skin at a gentle angle, cutting cleanly through the beard hairs.

Choosing between a mono blade razor and multi blade razor is a personal choice, and both should be used with either pre shave oil (for single blade razors) or pre-shave creams (for multi-blade razors), to reduce overall irritation and risk of ingrown hairs.

Mondial 1908 Preshave Cream Axolute Homme Mondial 1908 Preshave Cream Florence Mondial 1908 Preshave Cream Nobilis Antica Barberia Pre Shave Oil
Axolute Homme Pre Shave Cream  Florence Pre Shave Cream  Nobilis Pre Shave Cream  Antica Barberia Pre Shave Oil

However, many men who have advanced in traditional wet shaving agree that using a single blade safety razor is more economical and helps reduce razor bumps because of less stress on the skin with fewer blades. The chance of ingrown hairs is also reduced and the skin experiences less irritation overall.

No wonder why double edge safety razors are regaining their popularity. So let's talk about what makes the best DE safety razor.

Mildness or Aggressiveness Of The Razor

Among many factors, mildness or aggressiveness of the razor plays an important role in overall shave. In short, it's all about the blade exposure or the blade gap – the lesser blade exposure, the milder the shave. Newbies generally prefer milder razors that are more forgiving of poor technique or mistakes, reducing the risk of accidental nicks or cuts. So if you are just starting traditional wet shaving, you may like to begin with a milder razor, like Mondial 1908 Baylis Safety Razor or Antica Barberia Safety Razor.

Mondial 1908 Baylis Safety Razor Mondial 1908 Edition Safety Razor Wenge Wood Mondial 1908 Gibson Safety Razor
Baylis Safety Razor Edition Safety Razor Wenge Wood Mondial 1908 Gibson Safety Razor

1, 2 or 3 Piece DE Razor?

Mondial 1908 Butterfly Safety Razor

Double edge razors come in different shapes and sizes.

The 1-piece razor is commonly referred to as a Butterfly razor. It opens by twisting the bottom of the handle, which unscrews to open flaps at the top of the head. When fully opened, these flaps resemble the wings of a butterfly. See Antica Barberia Butterfly Safety Razor.

The 2-piece shaving razor has a handle that is fused to the base of the head and allows one to unscrew the top to insert the blade. The 3-piece razor has a head that can be completely unscrewed from the handle. In each case, a blade is wedged between the head’s top plate and its base, and then fastened by tightening the handle.

Whether your razor separates into 1, 2 or 3 pieces will have little or no bearing on the quality or comfort of your shave. It is simply the method in which the blade is held in place that will vary.

Selecting The Best DE Razor Blades

Performance of your razor will depend a lot on the double edge razor blade. Expert shavers agree that the best way to find the best double edge blade is to trial a blade sampler and select one that suits your razor, your beard and shaving style. Different material, along with different cutting edge and angle will result in some blades fit more for coarse whiskers, while others will work better on sensitive skin.

Rapira is a highly popular brand of DE razor blades that produces some of the best double edge blades at their factory in Moscow, Russia. For over a century, Rapira blades have been made to fit most standard safety razors and allow a very precise and close shave.

Try one of our DE blade sample kits which contains a variety of blades and you are sure to find the one which you can later buy in bulk.

Other Things To Consider

You need the best mens grooming tools to be your best self. So consider your personal preferences and requirements, such as length of the razor. Men with larger hands often prefer longer handled razors because they give them the optimal grip, like Mondial 1908 Long Handled Safety Razor.

Also, consider the material the handle is made of. If you are looking for a quality razor that will work great and also look handsome on your bath counter, then you will enjoy luxury razors with wooden handles, such as Mondial 1908 Prestige Safety Razor Wenge Wood or Mondial 1908 Heritage Safety Razor Briar Wood.

Mondial 1908 Prestige Safety Razor Mondial 1908 Heritage Safety Razor Mondial 1908 Beethoven Safety Razor Olive Wood
Mondial 1908 Prestige Safety Razor Wenge Wood Mondial 1908 Heritage Safety Razor Briar Wood Mondial 1908 Beethoven Safety Razor Olive Wood

Or, if you like hefty tools that give more precision, you may well like razors made of solid materials that have a weighty and masculine feel, like:

Antica Barberia Safety Razor Solid Aluminium Antica Barberia Safety Razor Solid Aluminium Mondial 1908 Chrome Safety Razor
Antica Barberia Safety Razor Solid Aluminium (82g) Antica Barberia Solid Aluminium (82g) Mondial 1908 Chrome Safety Razor (128 g)

Whichever razor you choose, make sure it gives you a clean and comfortable shave. Essentially, this is what shaving is all about.

Stay well groomed.

Executive Grooming team

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