High Quality Shaving Brushes For Beginners

Recently, we introduced our guide to The Best Razors for Beginners, but there is another grooming tool that is just as important – the shaving brush. Whether you are just starting your journey into the wet shaving world, or stepping up from shaving foams, having the best shaving brush to suit your beard type and shaving style is paramount to a well shaved look. 

Experienced wet shavers say that once you use a shaving brush, you will never go back. It generates a rich and warm lather by whipping air into shaving cream or soap. Rich lather is important because it protects the skin from the blade stress and creates lubrication. Also, the gentle friction of the bristles helps soften the beard and open the pores. This lifts the whiskers off the face and prepares them for the blade.

The shaving brush is also ideal for ensuring adequate moisture to the face when shaving: it captures and transports the moisture from the sink, through the bristles to your skin and beard. This is a far more efficient method of wetting your skin than cupping water in your hands and bringing it to your face when shaving, which is what you have to do without a brush. Finally, the brush provides gentle exfoliation and removes dead cells, something that fingers alone cannot do.

To create a masterpiece, traditional manufacturers like Mondial Shaving 1908 (Italy) blend the science with the finest materials. Mondial 1908 shaving brushes therefore represent the pinnacle in Italian shaving that is passionately passed from father to son through four generations.

The finest shaving brushes in the world by Mondial 1908 Italy The finest shaving brushes in the world by Mondial 1908 Italy High quality handmade shaving brushes in the world by Mondial 1908 Italy

In this article, we will look at the most popular shaving brushes for beginners who are starting traditional wet shaving.

Badger Brushes

The Best shaving brushes for men Mondial 1908 Italy

Badger brushes offer a luxurious shave thanks to flexible, water absorbent bristles known for being particularly soft against the skin. 

Badgers are nocturnal mammals found in various part of the world and known for their burrowing ability. They have short legs and flattish body covered in long silvery hair.

 Responsible manufacturers, like Mondial Shaving 1908, obtain badger bristles as bi-products of the food industry to make sure animals do not get killed for the sake of making shaving brushes.

Badger bristles classification

The benefit of badger brushes is they are highly absorbent therefore, able to create a rich lather from any shaving soap or cream. The value and durability of the badger shaving brush depends on the grade of hair used:


Silvertip badger shaving brush handmade by Mondial 1908 Italy

Silvertip is the best, rare and the most expensive grade of badger hair.

Obtained from the badger neck, Silver tip hairs are distinguished by the softest, whitest bristles that give your skin a silky touch like a soft sponge that massages the lather on to the face.

Silver tip badger brushes contain natural untrimmed hair whose tips appear white naturally, without the use of bleaching or any other processes.

The pure and distinctive colouring of each silvertip shaving brush is enhanced carefully by the hand grading. Due to their extreme water retention capacity, a Silvertip badger brush can create an all-round well-formed shaving lather quickly and easily. 

Super Badger 

Super Badger Shaving Brush Mondial 1908 Italy

Super Badger brush feels very soft on the face and has little to no scratchiness on the skin.

Super Badger bristles come from the upper side of the badger and boast exceptional density and water holding capacity. Super Badger brush is ideal for men with sensitive skin. 

Best Badger

Best Badger Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy

Best Badger brushes are created using bristles picked from the underside of the animal. They are firmer and great for tougher, heavier beards.

Best Badger brushes ideally are suited for men who do not like soft brushes and prefer a stiffer badger bristle to raise the whiskers.

Pure Badger 

Pure Grey Badger Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy

Pure Badger is the most economy grade of badger brushes and therefore, the least expensive of the four grades. The hairs are more flexible than boar bristles and usually coarser in texture than higher grade badger hair.

Their stable quality will perform well for wet shavers who like a massaging effect while preparing to shave.

Boar Brushes 

High Quality Boar Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy  High Quality Boar Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy  High Quality Boar Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy

The bristles taken from boars are harder than badger hair and are at first very coarse. The courser texture of the bristles makes it very useful for lathering soaps well because of its ability to agitate the surface of the soap very easily. Over time, the tips of the bristles will soften a bit and feel a bit more broken in, but still stay firm enough for exfoliation and great lathering.


Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic Shave Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy

Free from animal hairs, synthetic brushes mimic lathering qualities of Silvertip badger brushes. Longer durability and faster drying makes them an ideal brush for travelling.

Synthetic shave brushes feel very soft on the face and they react well to harsh treatment such as splaying when lathering up.

If you are looking for the best shaving brush for beginners, you do not necessarily need to have to purchase a labeled "beginner's brush". Many men prefer to start with boar or synthetic brushes and gradually upgrade to badger brushes. Read more about Shaving Brush Characteristics, Shaving Brush Handles and Shaving Brush Mantenance to help you choose the best shaving brush for beginners. 

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