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Choosing the best shaving brush can be a journey in itself because there is much to consider – Bristle Types, Size. Today, we talk about another important aspect of a shaving brush – the Handle.

Take these same considerations into account when selecting your handle.

How Shaving Brush is Used

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Those who lather on their face may hold the brush differently to those who bowl lather. In addition, you may have a personal preference to a type of grip and would prefer something longer or shorter. 

Salon vs Home 

Barber shave brushes

Professional barber shaving brushes feature longer handles for optimal handling and control. Having said that, larger handles may be an ideal fit if your palms are naturally large. 

Handle Weight

Heavier handles feel like a hefty, masculine precision-built tool made to give you a perfect balance and highlight premium aesthetics. More refined brushes usually come with solid handles, featuring premium materials or bristles. But it is not always the case. To keep the price more affordable, even premium silvertip badger brushes come with handles made of more economical material.

Handle Material

The handles of shaving brushes are meant to be balanced, to fit comfortably in your hand, and have a solid grip.
A wide variety of materials is used for handles. The most common are metal, wood and synthetic.

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Metal handles are often made of brass and are subsequently plated with chrome or nickel to increase their durability. Chrome shines brightly while nickel appears somewhat darker and warmer. Aluminum, on the other hand, is anodized to harden the surface and to increase its resistance to water and scratching.

The wooden handles can be made of all kind of wood types such as Olive wood (often chosen for its warm, natural tones) or more exotic African Black wood Wenge (highly water resistant by nature with distinctive black veins).

Premium shaving brushes often come with a combination of metal and wood. Wood adds the natural touch of luxury while metal adds weight for a perfect fit in the palm. These brushes are often constructed with premium badger bristles, such as Silvertip, Super or Best badger. (read more about Different Bristle Types)

Synthetic handles are often made of plastic or solid resin for a better grip. Traditionally, more economical brushes come with light plastic handles whereas more luxurious shaving brushes come with precious handles made of high quality moisture protective resin or wood handles. 

As you continue your wet shaving journey, you would be able to identify the materials that work for you and those that don’t. As with anything in wet shaving, personal preference is the key. So don't be afraid to experiment to find the best shaving brush that suits your shaving style.

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