Mondial Antica Barberia Luxury Shaving & Grooming From Italy

Mondial 1908 – Luxury Shaving & Grooming From Italy

Mondial 1908 Luxury Shaving Brush

Think traditional shaving gear handmade in Italy. Think Mondial 1908.

Mondial 1908 is one of the most traditional brands in the shaving world.

With the same care and passion of the old days, Mondial has been producing luxury shaving accessories for men considered nowadays among the best in the world. 

Mondial’s shaving brushes, razors and mens shaving tools are made for the high class man who is particular about his wellbeing and prefers first rate, handmade products, undoubtedly made in Italy.

Authentic Italian brand as unique as world admired Florentine art 

The art of shaving was mastered by Mondial 1908 family company in Florence-Italy. 

Florence has always represented the forefront and excellence of quality and intrinsic charm. One need only breathe in the magic of the Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore, or the unique character of the Ponte Vecchio to understand how the pursuit of perfection is the only objective that Florentine artisans will strive for. 

Mondial has embraced this concept of beauty and refinement for over a century, finding the perfect inspiration in the culture and history of this capturing city. It is within this context that their extraordinary collections of mens perfumes and shaving tools are created, with a unique timeless feel.

And it is right here in this wonderful city that Mondial has grown in the world renowned brand of luxury wet shaving.

Florence Cologne For Men Made in Italy by Mondial

Italian Heritage and Tradition Since 1908

Axolute Mens Cologne From Mondial 1908 Italy

The story of Mondial Shaving began in 1908 in a small artisan workshop in the heart of Florence. With passion, precise knowledge of the materials and most traditional artisan craftsmanship, Mondial forefathers created magnificent shaving brushes and shaving razors that became affluent in the domestic and international market. 

Every Mondial masterpiece is hand made in Italy with great attention to detail and distinguished by careful and rigorous selection of the best base materials. And above all, heartfelt passion for the finest quality in traditional wet shaving.

Mondial prestigious collections of male fragrances are the fruit of collaboration with great perfumers and make an extraordinary line of mens shaving and cosmetics that are strong in character and sophistication.

Enjoy Mondial 1908 – the ultimate Italian excellence!

New Nobilis Cologne For Men by Mondial 1908 Italy