Best Razor blades for shaving

The Best Safety Razor Blades – How Are They Made?

These days soccer fans all over the world are closely following FIFA 2018 World Cup hosted by Russia. While there is a lot of beer being drunk and rocking sounds of vuvuzellas fill the green fields, we decided to talk about a very famous Russian shaving brand of shaving razor blades which makes an indispensable part of daily grooming of many traditional wet shavers.

RAPIRA Blades – the best double edge razor blades as admitted by shaving enthusiasts and professional barbers all over the globe. And not without a reason.

For over 110 years, Russian shaving razor blades RAPIRA have been expertly made in the Russian capital – Moscow, and until today all manufacturing stages of original RAPIRA blades are carried in the same factory located along the Setun river in the western suburbs of Moscow outskirts. The core value of the company's management is Top quality, despite of challenges brought by political changes following the collapse of the Soviet era and subsequent sale of the leading state company to private investors.

RAPIRA razor blades for safety razors are made of high quality stainless steel to ensure the razors you buy meet the requirements of the highest quality razor blades. Three-level sharpening and 23-degrees angle of the cutting edge help achieve the most optimal cutting of the hair. Just 0.1mm thick and 22.4mm wide, the blade must be precisely molded to allow the best shaving results.

After the molds are cut, the blade tape goes through forging. Hardening is preceded by extensive cooling at extremely low temperatures below -50C.

Next comes sharpening which is meticulously done through multiple precision steps. The final polishing is performed by real leather abrasives to give the sharp point required for a clean shave.

The blade tape is then cut into individual blades, cleaned and ready for the final treatment of the cutting edge – the most important factor that determines the comfort and safety of the blade.

RAPIRA blades are proudly manufactured in a variety of options to suit different beard types and double edge razors. Thus, you will find Rapira DE blades with teflon, chrome, platinum coating, or combination of these elements. For example, chrome makes the blade more rust resistant and durable, while teflon slightly reduces the sharpness of the edge making it the best razor blade for beginners in traditional wet shaving.

Russian blades RAPIRA are very high, hard to find quality. No wonder there are many fakes that imitate original Russian blades. Yet, they are unable to imitate the shaving result achieved with the RAPIRA blade, whether Voskhod, Platinum Lux, Super Stainless or Ladas. Every one of these blades is meticulously sharpened and will delight with a very close and clean shave.

Our website sells only original Russian blades so when you buy yours, rest assured you are investing in a great shaving experience with very high quality shaving blades. 

Lastly, to decide which blade to choose, try our Double Edge blade sampler packs. As many wet shaving experts admit, this is the best way to choose the right blade which will work on your beard, suit your style and razor. Once you know "the one", you can continue buying in bulk and save money.

As always, stay groomed and enjoy the festive soccer season! team