Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving CreamsMond

Since ancient times, well shaved men were considered high class. Alexander the Great ordered his soldiers to remove any beard so the enemy could not grab it during the fight. That's when many shaving accessories as we know them today were created, like the good old style straight razor.

Since then, the art of shaving has advanced and so did beard fashion and maintenance. Mens shaving tools, like shaving creams, evolved from basic oils to more sophisticated formulations with better cushioning and lubricating abilities.

However, not all modern shaving creams are the same. The latest trend in traditional wet shaving is all natural mens shaving creams.

Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving Creams

Mondial Shaving 1908 - traditional Italian manufacturer of high class shaving products - recognised that every shave can have something else. That is amazing orchestra of classic mens fragrances packed with all natural ingredients.

Newly created line of the best shaving creams for men is based on aromatherapy approach and makes your shaving a moment of pleasure.

Mondial 1908 shaving cream is produced even now according to the old formula, with craftmade procedures and without any preservatives. Natural ingredients, refined oils and classic mens scents give an outstanding shave and leave your face velvety and smooth.

Thanks to traditional solid texture, the Mondial shaving creams work best with a high quality natural badger shaving brush and create a soft and silky foam in seconds.

What makes Mondial 1908 shaving creams our top pick is the variety of fragrances most commonly used in men's cosmetics:

Mondial 1908 Natural Shaving Cream For Men


Wooden fragrance, rich and dense with a lingering aroma. Olfactory sensations coming from the Sandal are able to relieve physical tension, fight depression and apathy.

Mondial 1908 Natural Shaving Cream For Men


Timeless men's fragrance with lingering aroma that takes us back in the past. Delicate and soft, the subtle Almond scent is suitable for any occasion. 

Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving Creams

Mandarin and Spices

Intense notes of Mandarin blend with Cinnamon and Pepper. The intriguing aroma wakes up senses, energy and passion.

Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving Creams


A fragrance in Mediterranean style, with a fresh and citrus note. Its marvelous sensation of comfort upon awakening gives full enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving Creams

Green Tobacco 

A harmonious and elegant mens fragrance. Extracted from the green leaves of tobacco, its aroma fills with warmth and comfort, and distinguished with wild and wooden notes.

Mondial 1908 Natural Shaving Cream For Men


Lively and full bodies fragrance is obtained from the Orange and Lemon blossom, blended with the glamour of Jasmine and a touch of highly precious Rose.


All Mondial 1908 shaving creams are hand made in Florence, Italy. In pursue to produce high class mens grooming, inspired by the Florentine artisans, Mondial 1908 shaving tools are found in the most refined shaving collections around the world.

Treat yourself or gift it to someone - and indulge in the absolute best shave while taking the utmost care of your skin to look and smell great.

Stay well groomed.

Executive Grooming team