Best Mens Aftershaves For Sensitive Skin

In the modern world with its ample choice of popular mens aftershaves, only the laziest of us needs to be convinced about the benefits of using an after shave lotion or gel. Why?

Every time you shave, you remove a layer of your skin, leaving it prone to redness and dryness. Soothing effect of aftershaves is based on hydration which restores the skin balance. 

But what if the skin is sensitive enough, let alone daily stress of the blade that creates even more irritation, burning and painful bumps? In that case you need to look for different formulas specially created to provide the best care after shaving for men with sensitive skin.

Mondial Shaving 1908, the world’s prestigious shaving brand, has created special aftershaves for men that work perfectly on sensitive skin. For over 100 years, they have been creating the finest formulas based on old barber traditions and in cooperation with the leading Italian perfumerists.

Uniqueness of after shaves by Mondial Shaving 1908 is in special composition using the best ingredients with known health benefits to the skin. Mondial has changed the paradigm that aftershaves work well only for regular skins. Their finest after shave lotions and after shave gels are the best products for after shave care on sensitive skin.

For added benefit, these luxury after shaves boast fantastic masculine scents that smell like a dream and leave a pleasant lingering aroma on your skin.

Mondial Shaving 1908 Aftershave lotions are hand made in Italy and have an exceptional formula based on Provitamin B5. Highly moisturising, they sooth shaving irritations with haemostatic and astringent effects. And they are proven to work on sensitive skin too. Light and easily absorbing, this aftershave lotion splash completes your grooming at its best.

Best Mens Aftershaves For Sensitive Skin

Best Mens Aftershaves For Sensitive Skin

Best Mens Aftershaves For Sensitive Skin

Mondial n908 Homme Aftershave Lotion Splash

 Luxury fragrance of citrus merging with precious woods and musk

Mondial 1908 Axolute Homme Lotion Splash

Mediterranean blend of fresh citrus and precious woods of cedar and vetiver

Mondial 1908 Florence Homme Lotion Splash

High class formula combining citrus and spices for a gent of style

Mondial Shaving 1908 Aftershave gels are made of natural ingredients, without any dyes or preservatives. High quality, specially formulated ingredients of vegetable origin are the best companions for sensitive skin.

This formula promotes healthy look of your skin, while nourishing it for velvety look and smooth feel. If you want only the best aftershave close to your skin, then treat yourself with these highly moisturising and soothing aftershaves for men.

Best Aftershave For Men With Sensitive Skin Best Aftershave For Men With Sensitive Skin Best Mens After Shaves For Men

Whether you are going to an important meeting or want to impress your girlfriend, you should take the best care of your skin after shaving so you skin looks fresh and hydrated.

Stay groomed.

Executive Grooming Team