Best Hair Brushes and Combs For Men With Thinning Hair

Let's face it – no matter how many times your GP or hair professional tells you that losing hair is an inevitable sign of aging, it's hard to accept the balding scalp. And the truth is – there are ways to slow down the process and support healthy hair growth.

After you fix your diet and lifestyle, make sure to inspect your grooming kit. Is your hair comb or brush up for the job of preserving hair? Is it able to provide seamless gliding without tearing or breaking hair? Does it stimulate blood circulation in the follicles where hair growth starts?
If you are unsure about your answers, here is a helpful guide about the best hair brushes and combs for thinning hair.

It's all about Natural

Best Mens Combs For Thinning Hair

We have all heard about trendy all-natural and organic cosmetics, haven't we? Especially when it comes to the beauty sets of our partners which are abundant in products with green labels. However, the same applies to hair brushes and combs. 

Natural hair combs (made of wood, rubber or horn) are considered the best materials to have close to your hair. Hercules Sagemann, a heritage German manufacturer of premium hard rubber combs, since 1856 has been producing top notch natural hair combs made of natural gum and hardened in a special way, so you can enjoy a piece of nature every time you need to tame your hair.

Moreover, Hercules hair combs are made in 35 manual steps, including polishing, cutting and sawing. This makes every Hercules comb a masterpiece that:

  • is 100% burr free and ensures seamless gliding. No tearing, no breaking and no damaging of the hair
  • has rounded tips that do not scratch the scalp. Instead, they gently stimulate sensitive root ends and improve blood circulation. So the hair looks and feels its best
  • feels great on the head and is a pleasure to use.

The same is true for hair brushes. Traditionally, the best hair brushes have been made with natural bristles of a wild boar. Responsible manufacturers, like Hercules Saegemann, use the bristles that are a by-product of the food industry, so no animals are killed for the sake of brush making.

What makes boar hair brushes so unique?

Best hair brushes for men with thinning hair

Boar bristles have a similar structure to the human hair. When you brush your hair with a boar brush, it closes the top layer of the hair so protective cuticles lay flat. As a result, hair reflects more shine and healthy glow. 

  • Boar bristles also help distribute natural sebum (oils produced by the hair root for hair nourishment & conditioning) from roots to ends. This in turn moisturises the tips and prevents prevents hair split.
  • Another benefit of a good boar brush is expertly graded bristles. You may find a cheap boar bristle hair brush, however if it feels harsh on your hair and does not go through you coiffure, it needs to be replaced.
  • Hercules hair brushes are made with hand graded bristles of medium density. This allows the brush to reach the scalp (a problem with many poorly made hair brushes) and softly detangle the knots. The hair is guided through the bristles, thus the brush glides without any pulling or tearing.
  • If you are concerned with thinning hair, your doctor may recommend soft massage with a high quality hair brush. Hercules Sagemann hair brushes offer exceptional massaging effect as they do not scratch the skin and gently stimulate follicles so hair receives more nutrients for healthy growth. Pneumatic cushions regulate the pressure you apply when hair brushing, so the brush feels pleasant on the head.

So when you are ready to step up and invest in a high quality hair brush or hair comb, view Hercules collection of the world's best hair brushes and combs. Give your hair mother's care and enjoy naturally beautiful, re-growing coiffure.

Stay groomed, team