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Best Razor blades for shaving

The Best Safety Razor Blades – How Are They Made?

These days soccer fans all over the world are closely following FIFA 2018 World Cup hosted by Russia. While there is a lot of beer being drunk and rocking sounds of vuvuzellas fill the green fields, we decided to talk about a very famous Russian shaving brand of shaving razor blades which makes an indispensable part of daily grooming of many traditional wet shavers.

RAPIRA Blades – the best double edge razor blades as admitted by shaving enthusiasts and professional barbers all over the globe. And not without a reason.

For over 110 years, Russian shaving razor blades RAPIRA have been expertly made in the Russian capital – Moscow, and until today all manufacturing stages of original RAPIRA blades are carried in the same factory located along the Setun river in the western suburbs of Moscow outskirts. The core value of the company's management is Top quality, despite of challenges brought by political changes following the collapse of the Soviet era and subsequent sale of the leading state company to private investors.

RAPIRA razor blades for safety razors are made of high quality stainless steel to ensure the razors you buy meet the requirements of the highest quality razor blades. Three-level sharpening and 23-degrees angle of the cutting edge help achieve the most optimal cutting of the hair. Just 0.1mm thick and 22.4mm wide, the blade must be precisely molded to allow the best shaving results.

After the molds are cut, the blade tape goes through forging. Hardening is preceded by extensive cooling at extremely low temperatures below -50C.

Next comes sharpening which is meticulously done through multiple precision steps. The final polishing is performed by real leather abrasives to give the sharp point required for a clean shave.

The blade tape is then cut into individual blades, cleaned and ready for the final treatment of the cutting edge – the most important factor that determines the comfort and safety of the blade.

RAPIRA blades are proudly manufactured in a variety of options to suit different beard types and double edge razors. Thus, you will find Rapira DE blades with teflon, chrome, platinum coating, or combination of these elements. For example, chrome makes the blade more rust resistant and durable, while teflon slightly reduces the sharpness of the edge making it the best razor blade for beginners in traditional wet shaving.

Russian blades RAPIRA are very high, hard to find quality. No wonder there are many fakes that imitate original Russian blades. Yet, they are unable to imitate the shaving result achieved with the RAPIRA blade, whether Voskhod, Platinum Lux, Super Stainless or Ladas. Every one of these blades is meticulously sharpened and will delight with a very close and clean shave.

Our website sells only original Russian blades so when you buy yours, rest assured you are investing in a great shaving experience with very high quality shaving blades. 

Lastly, to decide which blade to choose, try our Double Edge blade sampler packs. As many wet shaving experts admit, this is the best way to choose the right blade which will work on your beard, suit your style and razor. Once you know "the one", you can continue buying in bulk and save money.

As always, stay groomed and enjoy the festive soccer season! team


What Makes The Best Shaving Bag?

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High quality leather shaving bags for men made in Germany

Let’s talk straight. The best shaving bags are those you can trust will keep your shaving gear well in place and protect your luggage from spills when on travels. While many aspiring men’s brands offer synthetic shaving bags, the truth remains: for centuries, high quality shaving bags have been made of real leather. Breathability, durability and luxury look associated with leather are all important attributes of accessories for men of good taste. 

Today, we talk about what makes the best leather shaving bag. What to look for in the myriads of men’s toiletry bags? Let’s get down to business.


Best Mens leather toiletry bags Made in Germany Leather shaving bags for men offer top notch quality and long lasting accessory that should outlast their travels with proper care. Even with ever-changing technologies and emerging new materials, traditional leather bags never go out of fashion and remain a handsome accessory for every man. It’s a timeless luxury and no wonder leather goods for men remain the mainstream among the most sought-after gifts. 

However, every leather grade has its own characteristics. 

Many of us firmly believe that genuine leather is the label of the highest quality. While leather goods indeed offer superior durability, in fact Genuine Leather is considered the third grade of quality, preceded by Full Grain Leather and Top Grain Leather.

The first two grades come from the upper layers of the cow skin and feature distinctive graining pattern. These grades of leather boast maximum durability and is usually more robust than lower layers. These leathers are usually used for saddle seats, handbags and robust leather products where sturdiness is required.

Genuine leather grade is obtained after cutting the top layers and flesh. It is slightly thinner and easier to work with. Genuine leather toiletry bags are very popular for their ability to keep the shape and softness associated with high quality leather goods.


Best shaving bags for men Made in Germany

Needless to say that the bag should be smart as well as beautiful. Smart design means that you are able to store your grooming gear without taking much space in your luggage bag or bathroom drawer.

Well thought compartments, a variety of zippered and sleeve pockets will ensure you fit everything you need and organise your items for a quick reach while avoiding unnecessary damage or scratching of the contents inside. 

Spill-Proof Lining

Leather Shaving Bags/Dopp Kits/Toiletry Bags For Men

Leather shaving bags for men are made to carry your shaving essentials, yet the last thing you want is to have the cream or lotion spilled inside your luggage bag. To avoid this, washable lining is the solution.

Shaving bags with synthetic lining (often matching the leather on the outside) are easy to wipe when needed and keep the residues of the spill inside the bag. So if you care about protecting your luggage from unpleasant spills of your toiletries, always look for shaving bags with synthetic lining on the inside. 


Made in Germany

Made in Germany Gifts For Men

“Made in Germany” is the label of trusted quality that will give you long lasting service. No wonder Germany has been the world's hub of the high tech, durable and reliable solutions in many industries. Hans Kniebes and Sonnenschein leather shaving bags are hand crafted in Germany from the finest of leathers and will secure your shaving gear no matter where life journey brings you next. Straight lines, high quality, carefully selected leather combined with spacious design, German mens toiletry bags are sure to delight and make a perfect gift for a man on any occasion. 


Choose yours from our luxury collection of high quality leather shaving bags.

Shaving Bags


quality shaving brush handles

Choosing the best shaving brush can be a journey in itself because there is much to consider – Bristle Types, Size. Today, we talk about another important aspect of a shaving brush – the Handle.

Take these same considerations into account when selecting your handle.

How Shaving Brush is Used

how to shave Those who lather on their face may hold the brush differently to those who bowl lather. In addition, you may have a personal preference to a type of grip and would prefer something longer or shorter. 

Salon vs Home 

professional having supplies Antica Barberia by Mondial 1908 Italy Professional barber shaving brushes feature longer handles for optimal handling and control. Having said that, larger handles may be an ideal fit if your palms are naturally large. 

Handle Weight

Heavier handles feel like a hefty, masculine precision-built tool made to give you a perfect balance and highlight premium aesthetics. More refined brushes usually come with solid handles, featuring premium materials or bristles. But it is not always the case. To keep the price more affordable, even premium silvertip badger brushes come with handles made of more economical material.

Handle Material

The handles of shaving brushes are meant to be balanced, to fit comfortably in your hand, and have a solid grip.
A wide variety of materials is used for handles. The most common are metal, wood and synthetic.

Luxury Badger Shaving Brush handmade Mondial 1908 Italy Best Quality Shaving Brush Olive Wood Mondial 190 Italy handmade Best shaving brushes for men best shave brushes
Mondial 1908 Luxury Wenge Wood Shaving Brush  Mondial 1908 Luxury Olive Wood Shaving Brush Mondial 1908 Luxury Black Resin Shaving Brush Antica Barberia Solid Aluminium Shave Brush

Metal handles are often made of brass and are subsequently plated with chrome or nickel to increase their durability. Chrome shines brightly while nickel appears somewhat darker and warmer. Aluminum, on the other hand, is anodized to harden the surface and to increase its resistance to water and scratching.

The wooden handles can be made of all kind of wood types such as Olive wood (often chosen for its warm, natural tones) or more exotic African Black wood Wenge (highly water resistant by nature with distinctive black veins).

Premium shaving brushes often come with a combination of metal and wood. Wood adds the natural touch of luxury while metal adds weight for a perfect fit in the palm. These brushes are often constructed with premium badger bristles, such as Silvertip, Super or Best badger. (read more about Different Bristle Types)

Synthetic handles are often made of plastic or solid resin for a better grip. Traditionally, more economical brushes come with light plastic handles whereas more luxurious shaving brushes come with precious handles made of high quality moisture protective resin or wood handles. 

As you continue your wet shaving journey, you would be able to identify the materials that work for you and those that don’t. As with anything in wet shaving, personal preference is the key. So don't be afraid to experiment to find the best shaving brush that suits your shaving style.

Stay groomed, team


High quality shaving brushes how to choose one

We continue the series of guides about the best brushes for beginners in traditional wet shaving. Today, we will talk about diferent features of the shaving brush:

  • Loft
  • Knot
  • Overall height
  • Bloom


High quality shaving brush for beginners Mondial 1908 Italy

The loft is the length of the actual hair from the height from the base to the tip of the bristles, or bristle’s length.

Longer lofts will provide a wider splay whereas shorter lofts offer more control in smaller areas, like moustache area.


Best beginners shaving brushes

The knot (or the diameter of the knot base where the bristles are tied together) is an indication of the amount of hair packed into the handle.

By the way, the knot dimension can be a little sketchy because hair can be packed in tightly or loosely. Also, handmade knots are much denser so keep this in mind when comparing measurements.

Many beginners prefer shaving brushes with 50mm lofts and 20mm knots because they offer more control and precision. Others opt for larger brushes that tend to work better lathering large areas more quickly. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference, though the big diameter knot brushes with a high loft are generally softer and more expensive than the smaller brushes.

Bristle Bloom

High quality shaving brushes traditional wet shaving Italy A brush’s bloom indicates the way the bristles fall when held upright. Usually, badger brushes are softer and will give a full bloom when looked at side-on. Alternatively, coarser boar brushes will have a narrow bloom as the bristles stand on their ends.

A brush’s bloom can be used to indicate its quality but it also comes down to personal preference. If you want a thicker brush that exfoliates the skin, then narrower blooms are the best choice.

However, if you’re looking for something wide and soft, then look at larger blooms instead.

Overall Height

best shaving brushes for beginners

The handles of shaving brushes are meant to be balanced, to fit comfortably in your hand, and have a solid grip. Their size is factored in to determine the overall height of the brush.

Measuring the distance from the palm of your hand to the pad of your thumb may give you a good indication of the maximum length of the handle.

And remember: Hand made shave brushes tend to shed much less hair than those made by a machine. Hence, having a high quality shaving brush in your collection is a worthy investment and will result in a longer and more reliable service over the years.

Stay groomed, team


High Quality Shaving Brushes For Beginners

Recently, we introduced our guide to The Best Razors for Beginners, but there is another grooming tool that is just as important – the shaving brush. Whether you are just starting your journey into the wet shaving world, or stepping up from shaving foams, having the best shaving brush to suit your beard type and shaving style is paramount to a well shaved look. 

Experienced wet shavers say that once you use a shaving brush, you will never go back. It generates a rich and warm lather by whipping air into shaving cream or soap. Rich lather is important because it protects the skin from the blade stress and creates lubrication. Also, the gentle friction of the bristles helps soften the beard and open the pores. This lifts the whiskers off the face and prepares them for the blade.

The shaving brush is also ideal for ensuring adequate moisture to the face when shaving: it captures and transports the moisture from the sink, through the bristles to your skin and beard. This is a far more efficient method of wetting your skin than cupping water in your hands and bringing it to your face when shaving, which is what you have to do without a brush. Finally, the brush provides gentle exfoliation and removes dead cells, something that fingers alone cannot do.

To create a masterpiece, traditional manufacturers like Mondial Shaving 1908 (Italy) blend the science with the finest materials. Mondial 1908 shaving brushes therefore represent the pinnacle in Italian shaving that is passionately passed from father to son through four generations.

The finest shaving brushes in the world by Mondial 1908 Italy The finest shaving brushes in the world by Mondial 1908 Italy High quality handmade shaving brushes in the world by Mondial 1908 Italy

In this article, we will look at the most popular shaving brushes for beginners who are starting traditional wet shaving.

Badger Brushes

The Best shaving brushes for men Mondial 1908 Italy

Badger brushes offer a luxurious shave thanks to flexible, water absorbent bristles known for being particularly soft against the skin. 

Badgers are nocturnal mammals found in various part of the world and known for their burrowing ability. They have short legs and flattish body covered in long silvery hair.

 Responsible manufacturers, like Mondial Shaving 1908, obtain badger bristles as bi-products of the food industry to make sure animals do not get killed for the sake of making shaving brushes.

Badger bristles classification

The benefit of badger brushes is they are highly absorbent therefore, able to create a rich lather from any shaving soap or cream. The value and durability of the badger shaving brush depends on the grade of hair used:


Silvertip badger shaving brush handmade by Mondial 1908 Italy

Silvertip is the best, rare and the most expensive grade of badger hair.

Obtained from the badger neck, Silver tip hairs are distinguished by the softest, whitest bristles that give your skin a silky touch like a soft sponge that massages the lather on to the face.

Silver tip badger brushes contain natural untrimmed hair whose tips appear white naturally, without the use of bleaching or any other processes.

The pure and distinctive colouring of each silvertip shaving brush is enhanced carefully by the hand grading. Due to their extreme water retention capacity, a Silvertip badger brush can create an all-round well-formed shaving lather quickly and easily. 

Super Badger 

Super Badger Shaving Brush Mondial 1908 Italy

Super Badger brush feels very soft on the face and has little to no scratchiness on the skin.

Super Badger bristles come from the upper side of the badger and boast exceptional density and water holding capacity. Super Badger brush is ideal for men with sensitive skin. 

Best Badger

Best Badger Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy

Best Badger brushes are created using bristles picked from the underside of the animal. They are firmer and great for tougher, heavier beards.

Best Badger brushes ideally are suited for men who do not like soft brushes and prefer a stiffer badger bristle to raise the whiskers.

Pure Badger 

Pure Grey Badger Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy

Pure Badger is the most economy grade of badger brushes and therefore, the least expensive of the four grades. The hairs are more flexible than boar bristles and usually coarser in texture than higher grade badger hair.

Their stable quality will perform well for wet shavers who like a massaging effect while preparing to shave.

Boar Brushes 

High Quality Boar Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy  High Quality Boar Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy  High Quality Boar Shaving Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy

The bristles taken from boars are harder than badger hair and are at first very coarse. The courser texture of the bristles makes it very useful for lathering soaps well because of its ability to agitate the surface of the soap very easily. Over time, the tips of the bristles will soften a bit and feel a bit more broken in, but still stay firm enough for exfoliation and great lathering.


Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic Shave Brushes For Men Mondial 1908 Italy

Free from animal hairs, synthetic brushes mimic lathering qualities of Silvertip badger brushes. Longer durability and faster drying makes them an ideal brush for travelling.

Synthetic shave brushes feel very soft on the face and they react well to harsh treatment such as splaying when lathering up.

If you are looking for the best shaving brush for beginners, you do not necessarily need to have to purchase a labeled "beginner's brush". Many men prefer to start with boar or synthetic brushes and gradually upgrade to badger brushes. Read more about Shaving Brush Characteristics, Shaving Brush Handles and Shaving Brush Mantenance to help you choose the best shaving brush for beginners. 

Stay groomed, team


Christmas Gifts For Men Christmas Gift Ideas For Men Mens Gifts

Need inspiration for the best Christmas gifts for men who have everything? Then choose premium quality mens grooming gear that will make his shaving & personal care a pleasant chore. Whether it's high quality mens manicure and pedicure sets, luxury mens colognes, shaving gift sets or leather shaving bags, give him the best gift and he will be forever grateful for making his grooming routine an easy one.

We've put together a fantastic collection of luxury Christmas gifts for men who like the best things in life and high quality grooming tools hand made by Mondial (Italy) Niegeloh (Germany) and Sonnenschein (Germany). If you have a husband, boyfriend, son, brother or any other man in your life, explore our Christmas gift ideas for men and select the gift that will be his favourite companion to look his best anywhere life journey brings him next.

Mens Shaving Gift Packs

Mondial 1908 has been a traditional Italian brand renowned for the finest mens shaving and grooming products since 1908. Established in Florence, Italy, Mondial shaving gift kits are infused with the best possible quality for mens shaving and skin restoration after the stress of a shaver. It's a luxury gift for every man who has seen it all yet prefers the world's best shaving tools for the perfect shave he ever had.

Christmas Gifts For Men Christmas Gift Ideas For Men Mens Gifts

High class Italian shaving gift set for men will please the gent of good taste with classic and handsome mens fragrance featuring fresh Citrus with warm Cedar and Musky woods.

Includes the highest quality Pre Shave Cream, Natural Shaving Cream and Aftershave Lotion Splash composed to give the best possible shave and lingering aftershave scent in a truly gentleman's style.

Mondial 1908 Men's Shaving Gift Set (Italy)  

Christmas Gifts For Men Christmas Gift Ideas For Men Mens Gifts

Perfect Christmas gift for a man who likes to use the best quality shaving products on his skin.

Complete with natural Pure Badger Shaving brush, matching Brush Stand, Shaving Razor Mach3 and Natural Shaving Cream, this set makes a perfect Christmas gift for a man of good taste.

Mondial 1908 Shaving Gift Pack (Italy)

Mens Manicure Pedicure Sets Solingen Germany

Among the best manicure and pedicure sets for men, Niegeloh leather set (Solingen, Germany) tops the list.

Made of strong rust proof stainless steel TopInox, they stay sharp for decades without any need of sharpening. Included are manicure scissors, ear & nose safety scissors, fingernail & toenail clippers, tweezers, durable sapphire nail file and nail nipper ideal for thicker toenails. All housed in a luxury leather case with a magnetic closure. 

Niegeloh Solingen Mens Manicure Pedicure Set (Germany)

Italian Mens Cologne Antica Barberia by Mondial 1908

High end mens fragrance as it used to be in the old Italian barbershops – masculine, lingering and irresistibly handsome.

With a classic and invigorating mixture of citrus and woods, this is a fantastic Christmas gift idea for a man who likes timeless mens colognes re-worked in a modern way.

Antica Barberia Mens Cologne (Italy)

Leather Shaving Bag For Men Christmas Gifts For Men

Premium mens shaving bag is hand made in Germany to please the man with the best quality cowhide and smart design.

Carefully sourced from the finest German tanneries, classic black leather boasts high durability resistant to wear and makes a reliable companion for the frequent traveller.

Large size neatly houses all shaving gear, while washable lining makes the luggage spill-proof.

Sonnemnschein Shaving Bag 100% Leather (Germany)

Shop our choices for the best men’s Christmas gift ideas! And contact us if you need any information. We are happy to assist with suggestions and additional infoirmation about any of our products.

Merry Christmas!

Executive Grooming team


Best Shavers For Beginners

If you are ready to make transition from disposable razors and step into classic wet shaving, the number one thing to start with is finding the best razor. Your personal collection may or may not have popular mens shaving gear, however it needs to have a good quality razor that will suit your beard and shaving style.

So where do you start? Right, understanding the choice and narrowing it down. In this guide, we have re-created the journey many beginners in traditional shaving make when selecting the best shaving razor.

Single-Blade or Multi-Blade Razors?

Trending multi-blade razors are often preferred by men who like the idea of a quick and comfortable shave. When passing the multi-blade razor over the beard, you have a few blades gliding over your skin at the same time. The first of them raises the hairs, while others cut through the hairs. These razors are efficient and more forgiving thanks to the slant position of the blades designed to trim hairs at a convenient angle.

In contrast, single blade razors (also called double edge razors or DE razors) have one double edge blade that moves across the skin at a gentle angle, cutting cleanly through the beard hairs.

Choosing between a mono blade razor and multi blade razor is a personal choice, and both should be used with either pre shave oil (for single blade razors) or pre-shave creams (for multi-blade razors), to reduce overall irritation and risk of ingrown hairs.

Mondial 1908 Preshave Cream Axolute Homme Mondial 1908 Preshave Cream Florence Mondial 1908 Preshave Cream Nobilis Antica Barberia Pre Shave Oil
Axolute Homme Pre Shave Cream  Florence Pre Shave Cream  Nobilis Pre Shave Cream  Antica Barberia Pre Shave Oil

However, many men who have advanced in traditional wet shaving agree that using a single blade safety razor is more economical and helps reduce razor bumps because of less stress on the skin with fewer blades. The chance of ingrown hairs is also reduced and the skin experiences less irritation overall.

No wonder why double edge safety razors are regaining their popularity. So let's talk about what makes the best DE safety razor.

Mildness or Aggressiveness Of The Razor

Among many factors, mildness or aggressiveness of the razor plays an important role in overall shave. In short, it's all about the blade exposure or the blade gap – the lesser blade exposure, the milder the shave. Newbies generally prefer milder razors that are more forgiving of poor technique or mistakes, reducing the risk of accidental nicks or cuts. So if you are just starting traditional wet shaving, you may like to begin with a milder razor, like Mondial 1908 Baylis Safety Razor or Antica Barberia Safety Razor.

Mondial 1908 Baylis Safety Razor Mondial 1908 Edition Safety Razor Wenge Wood Mondial 1908 Gibson Safety Razor
Baylis Safety Razor Edition Safety Razor Wenge Wood Mondial 1908 Gibson Safety Razor

1, 2 or 3 Piece DE Razor?

Mondial 1908 Butterfly Safety Razor

Double edge razors come in different shapes and sizes.

The 1-piece razor is commonly referred to as a Butterfly razor. It opens by twisting the bottom of the handle, which unscrews to open flaps at the top of the head. When fully opened, these flaps resemble the wings of a butterfly. See Antica Barberia Butterfly Safety Razor.

The 2-piece shaving razor has a handle that is fused to the base of the head and allows one to unscrew the top to insert the blade. The 3-piece razor has a head that can be completely unscrewed from the handle. In each case, a blade is wedged between the head’s top plate and its base, and then fastened by tightening the handle.

Whether your razor separates into 1, 2 or 3 pieces will have little or no bearing on the quality or comfort of your shave. It is simply the method in which the blade is held in place that will vary.

Selecting The Best DE Razor Blades

Performance of your razor will depend a lot on the double edge razor blade. Expert shavers agree that the best way to find the best double edge blade is to trial a blade sampler and select one that suits your razor, your beard and shaving style. Different material, along with different cutting edge and angle will result in some blades fit more for coarse whiskers, while others will work better on sensitive skin.

Rapira is a highly popular brand of DE razor blades that produces some of the best double edge blades at their factory in Moscow, Russia. For over a century, Rapira blades have been made to fit most standard safety razors and allow a very precise and close shave.

Try one of our DE blade sample kits which contains a variety of blades and you are sure to find the one which you can later buy in bulk.

Other Things To Consider

You need the best mens grooming tools to be your best self. So consider your personal preferences and requirements, such as length of the razor. Men with larger hands often prefer longer handled razors because they give them the optimal grip, like Mondial 1908 Long Handled Safety Razor.

Also, consider the material the handle is made of. If you are looking for a quality razor that will work great and also look handsome on your bath counter, then you will enjoy luxury razors with wooden handles, such as Mondial 1908 Prestige Safety Razor Wenge Wood or Mondial 1908 Heritage Safety Razor Briar Wood.

Mondial 1908 Prestige Safety Razor Mondial 1908 Heritage Safety Razor Mondial 1908 Beethoven Safety Razor Olive Wood
Mondial 1908 Prestige Safety Razor Wenge Wood Mondial 1908 Heritage Safety Razor Briar Wood Mondial 1908 Beethoven Safety Razor Olive Wood

Or, if you like hefty tools that give more precision, you may well like razors made of solid materials that have a weighty and masculine feel, like:

Antica Barberia Safety Razor Solid Aluminium Antica Barberia Safety Razor Solid Aluminium Mondial 1908 Chrome Safety Razor
Antica Barberia Safety Razor Solid Aluminium (82g) Antica Barberia Solid Aluminium (82g) Mondial 1908 Chrome Safety Razor (128 g)

Whichever razor you choose, make sure it gives you a clean and comfortable shave. Essentially, this is what shaving is all about.

Stay well groomed.

Executive Grooming team

View Mondial 1908 Safety Razors


Well Groomed Dad Starts Here

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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Remember those days when you and your Dad had good fun playing a footy game, or he read you a book before the night lights were off? Time passes, but those memories live in our hearts and every Father’s Day we celebrate them with special affection and gratitude.

Re-creating childhood memories, sending a card or finding the best gift for your dad – everyone of us has our own approach of showing appreciation of our fathers. And if shopping for a special gift this Father’s day is on your agenda, then we would like to make it easier and with an undoubtedly impressive effect.

What gift to give to your dad? The answer that never fails – good quality. Quality is like a good family tradition – it passes from father to child, and makes a foundation for well groomed appearance with minimum effort.

Traditional grooming brands like Mondial Shaving 1908 (Italy), Niegeloh Solingen (Germany)and Hans Kniebes (Germany) are definitely ones to trust. They are distinguished by the finest craftsmanship based on decades long family traditions which are carefully kept and passed through generations. That’s why these gifts never disappoint.

No matter how simple or adventurous, practical or sophisticated your Dad is, he is sure to appreciate fantastic mens gifts that will make a big difference in his self care.

So here is our top mens gifts ideas for this Father’s Day:

#1 - Mondial Shaving 1908 Gift Sets

Inspired by the old Italian barbershop of the 1800s, Mondial recreates traditional wet shaving at its best, following the classics of old barbers to ensure a perfect shave. Made in Florence by hand until today, each Mondial gift set is a work of art where the absolute top quality makes your Dad’s morning routine a moment of pleasure.

Best Mens Shaving Gift Sets Best Mens Shaving Gift Sets Best Mens Shaving Gift Sets Best Mens Shaving Gift Sets
Vespucci 3 Pcs Vespucci 4 Pcs Homme N908 Baylis

#2 - Leather Manicure & Pedicure Sets

With age, our nails become stronger, thicker and harder to maintain. Give your Dad a classic German manicure set with strong nail instruments so his hands and toes feel and look their best. Authentic German craftsmanship, finest steel and perfectly sharpened blades guarantee many years of excellent service without the need of sharpening. Every manicure set is beautifully presented in a genuine leather case to highlight long lasting ‘Made in Germany’ quality.

German Leather Manicure Sets For Men German Leather Manicure Sets For Men German Leather Manicure Sets For Men
Imantado XL Imantado L Zohl

#3 - Leather Toiletry Bags

If your dad loves to travel or is often on the go, gift him a high quality German leather toiletry bag. Distinctive in every way, it makes a great gift to keep his toiletries organised and protect his luggage with leather-look lining. Clean lines, smart designs and carefully selected leather make every one of these wash bags a treasure for a busy Dad.

Mens Leather Toiletry Bags Mens Leather Toiletry Bags Mens Leather Toiletry Bags
Hans Kniebes, Buffalo Leather Sonnenschein, Cowhide Leather Sonnenschein, Cowhide Leather

Remember to bring a smile and Thank you together with your gift, to make this Father's Day all very special.

If you need any assistance, get in touch with us and we would be happy to help. team


Best Mens Aftershaves For Sensitive Skin

In the modern world with its ample choice of popular mens aftershaves, only the laziest of us needs to be convinced about the benefits of using an after shave lotion or gel. Why?

Every time you shave, you remove a layer of your skin, leaving it prone to redness and dryness. Soothing effect of aftershaves is based on hydration which restores the skin balance. 

But what if the skin is sensitive enough, let alone daily stress of the blade that creates even more irritation, burning and painful bumps? In that case you need to look for different formulas specially created to provide the best care after shaving for men with sensitive skin.

Mondial Shaving 1908, the world’s prestigious shaving brand, has created special aftershaves for men that work perfectly on sensitive skin. For over 100 years, they have been creating the finest formulas based on old barber traditions and in cooperation with the leading Italian perfumerists.

Uniqueness of after shaves by Mondial Shaving 1908 is in special composition using the best ingredients with known health benefits to the skin. Mondial has changed the paradigm that aftershaves work well only for regular skins. Their finest after shave lotions and after shave gels are the best products for after shave care on sensitive skin.

For added benefit, these luxury after shaves boast fantastic masculine scents that smell like a dream and leave a pleasant lingering aroma on your skin.

Mondial Shaving 1908 Aftershave lotions are hand made in Italy and have an exceptional formula based on Provitamin B5. Highly moisturising, they sooth shaving irritations with haemostatic and astringent effects. And they are proven to work on sensitive skin too. Light and easily absorbing, this aftershave lotion splash completes your grooming at its best.

Best Mens Aftershaves For Sensitive Skin

Best Mens Aftershaves For Sensitive Skin

Best Mens Aftershaves For Sensitive Skin

Mondial n908 Homme Aftershave Lotion Splash

 Luxury fragrance of citrus merging with precious woods and musk

Mondial 1908 Axolute Homme Lotion Splash

Mediterranean blend of fresh citrus and precious woods of cedar and vetiver

Mondial 1908 Florence Homme Lotion Splash

High class formula combining citrus and spices for a gent of style

Mondial Shaving 1908 Aftershave gels are made of natural ingredients, without any dyes or preservatives. High quality, specially formulated ingredients of vegetable origin are the best companions for sensitive skin.

This formula promotes healthy look of your skin, while nourishing it for velvety look and smooth feel. If you want only the best aftershave close to your skin, then treat yourself with these highly moisturising and soothing aftershaves for men.

Best Aftershave For Men With Sensitive Skin Best Aftershave For Men With Sensitive Skin Best Mens After Shaves For Men

Whether you are going to an important meeting or want to impress your girlfriend, you should take the best care of your skin after shaving so you skin looks fresh and hydrated.

Stay groomed.

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Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving CreamsMond

Since ancient times, well shaved men were considered high class. Alexander the Great ordered his soldiers to remove any beard so the enemy could not grab it during the fight. That's when many shaving accessories as we know them today were created, like the good old style straight razor.

Since then, the art of shaving has advanced and so did beard fashion and maintenance. Mens shaving tools, like shaving creams, evolved from basic oils to more sophisticated formulations with better cushioning and lubricating abilities.

However, not all modern shaving creams are the same. The latest trend in traditional wet shaving is all natural mens shaving creams.

Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving Creams

Mondial Shaving 1908 - traditional Italian manufacturer of high class shaving products - recognised that every shave can have something else. That is amazing orchestra of classic mens fragrances packed with all natural ingredients.

Newly created line of the best shaving creams for men is based on aromatherapy approach and makes your shaving a moment of pleasure.

Mondial 1908 shaving cream is produced even now according to the old formula, with craftmade procedures and without any preservatives. Natural ingredients, refined oils and classic mens scents give an outstanding shave and leave your face velvety and smooth.

Thanks to traditional solid texture, the Mondial shaving creams work best with a high quality natural badger shaving brush and create a soft and silky foam in seconds.

What makes Mondial 1908 shaving creams our top pick is the variety of fragrances most commonly used in men's cosmetics:

Mondial 1908 Natural Shaving Cream For Men


Wooden fragrance, rich and dense with a lingering aroma. Olfactory sensations coming from the Sandal are able to relieve physical tension, fight depression and apathy.

Mondial 1908 Natural Shaving Cream For Men


Timeless men's fragrance with lingering aroma that takes us back in the past. Delicate and soft, the subtle Almond scent is suitable for any occasion. 

Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving Creams

Mandarin and Spices

Intense notes of Mandarin blend with Cinnamon and Pepper. The intriguing aroma wakes up senses, energy and passion.

Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving Creams


A fragrance in Mediterranean style, with a fresh and citrus note. Its marvelous sensation of comfort upon awakening gives full enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Mondial Shaving 1908 Luxury Shaving Creams

Green Tobacco 

A harmonious and elegant mens fragrance. Extracted from the green leaves of tobacco, its aroma fills with warmth and comfort, and distinguished with wild and wooden notes.

Mondial 1908 Natural Shaving Cream For Men


Lively and full bodies fragrance is obtained from the Orange and Lemon blossom, blended with the glamour of Jasmine and a touch of highly precious Rose.


All Mondial 1908 shaving creams are hand made in Florence, Italy. In pursue to produce high class mens grooming, inspired by the Florentine artisans, Mondial 1908 shaving tools are found in the most refined shaving collections around the world.

Treat yourself or gift it to someone - and indulge in the absolute best shave while taking the utmost care of your skin to look and smell great.

Stay well groomed.

Executive Grooming team

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