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Hercules Sagemann Mens Pocket Comb Sawcut In Leather Case 5”

Hercules Sagemann Mens Pocket Comb Sawcut In Leather Case 5”

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For over 160 years, Hercules Sagemann has been producing the best hair combs for men renowed for long lasting service, high duty quality and exceptional performance.

This small mens comb is made in Germany of purified natural cellulose with saw cut teeth that are specially rounded and polished, to ensure excellent gliding and minimise any damage to the hair.

If your hair starts thinning out, the Hercules comb perfectly stimulates hair follicles that promote healthy hair growth. Lightweight, yet strong and flexible, this is the best mens comb for general styling, detangling or keeping in your office drawer for a quick fixup before the meeting.

Length 5” (12.5 cm).



Beautifully presented in a classic black leather pouch, this is another highest quality men's hair comb made by the German masters of the world's best hair combs and brushes. Made from cellulose acetate, a plant based material, it causes less static in the hair and permits hair of all types to be detangled and smoothed.

Saw cut and rounded teeth are free of ridges that catch and pull at hairs. This makes the comb glide smoothly through the hair without irritating or scratching the scalp.
For men with thinning hair, this is the best comb to encourage healthy hair growth thanks to its gentle massaging effect responsible for natural oil distribution throughout the hair.

Established in Germany in 1856, Hercules Sagemann has been crafting the masterpieces of the best hair tools based on one promise – Top Quality. Today, Hercules hair combs are found in the finest grooming collections around the world and will please the men who like the best quality combs next to their skin.

  • Rounded saw cut teeth feel pleasantly gentle on the head 
  • Suitable for any hair type and length
  • Ideal for wet and dry hair
  • Strong body will give many years of service 
  • Heat resistant 
  • Length: 5” / 12.5 cm

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