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50 Double Edge Razor Blade Sampler Pack

50 Double Edge Razor Blade Sampler Pack

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Find the best razor blades to suit your razor and shaving style from our blade sampler pack.

This double edge razor blade sampler includes 50 blades by two of the world's leading blades makers: Lord Shave (Egypt) and Rapira (Russia).

Great option for beginners in wet shaving with safety razors or shavers who want to find the best blade that suits their shaving style.



Traditional wet shavers agree that the blade determines the comfort of double edge shaving. Different manufacturing processes, base materials and coating of the edge mean every razor blade is unique. This means your shaving experience depends on the type of blade you choose.

This pack includes 50 blades compatible with most standard double edge safety razors:

  • 5 x Lord Shave Platinum
  • 5 Lord Shave Super Stainless
  • 5 x Lord Shave Shark
  • 5 x Rapira Platinum Lux
  • 5 x Rapira Ladas
  • 10 x Rapira Super Stainless
  • 5 x Rapira Super Stainless Chrome
  • 5 x Rapira Swedish Supersteel
  • 5 x Rapira Voskhod.

Customise your shaving and find the blade that works perfectly for you.

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